AutoComplain - Whining has never been easier

Hi guys. Andy here, founder of Cocopunk Industries. We're pretty excited about our magical new product.

It's called AutoComplain, and it makes bitching and whining to all of your online friends easier than ever.

In this day and age, you probably don't have time to log into every social networking site to update your status, especially when you want to tell everyone about every single little inconvenience.

Luckily, AutoComplain does the work for you. Just choose from a list of pre-written complaints and we'll let all of your friends know that you feel a little bit fluish, or that you had to wait a really long time at the bank. We employ several professional writers to come up with the amazing natural, organic complaints that work in a variety of situations.

The world is facing hard times, but that doesn't mean your whining should go unnoticed.

Thanks for checking out our app.

Andy O
Founder and CEO
cocopunk industries

UPDATE: I'm being told our app has been removed from the app store. I can’t confirm because the interns took the computers. Read more on the blog.